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Frank Castle's new life looks just as bloody as his old one in the first trailer for The Punisher season 2

The first season of Netflix’s bloodiest Marvel show, The Punisher, ended on a note of possible redemption for Jon Bernthal’s gun-toting vigilante Frank Castle, making an open question of whether he might, hypothetically, be able to leave his life of near-endless violence behind in favor of something a little more normal. Not so much, it turns out, at least as far as the trailer for the show’s second season is concerned: Frank might not be The Punisher right now, but he’s still definitely in the stabbin’ and shootin’ people trade.


To be fair, he’s got a lot of enemies goading him back into it, including former friend Billy Russo, whose facial scarring from last season’s final confrontation appears to be the bare minimum coverage of Ben Barnes’ face that Marvel thought it could get away with. There’s also new character John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) who’s been described as some flavor of religious fundamentalist, but who mostly stands around here looking kind of ominous and mean. He’s presumably on the trail of Frank’s new companion on his little North American road trip, played by Giorgia Whigham, who ends up handling some literal blood money from her murderous buddy in the trailer’s closing scene.

Season 2 of The Punisher debuts on Netflix on January 18.