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Francis Ford Coppola plotting live "remix" tour of his next film

In case its origins as an “alcohol-induced dream,” its soundtrack by spazz-pop synth weirdo Dan Deacon, or its starring role for Val Kilmer in 2011 hadn’t already convinced you that Francis Ford Coppola is taking some experimental chances with his new horror-thriller, Twixt, add the revelations made during the director’s Comic-Con appearance. Reminiscent of Kevin Smith’s recent Red State blitz, Coppola announced plans for a 30-city live tour in which he, Deacon, and possibly other collaborators will create a new, unique version of Twixt on the fly using an iPad-based editing system that allows him to shuffle and remix sequences, shorten and lengthen edits, and various other things that Coppola says will demonstrate “the evolving technology of the cinema.” This additional technological tweaking comes in addition to the film’s intermittent 3-D sequences, and should add further strangeness to a Tom Waits-narrated storyline that involves Kilmer’s horror novelist becoming involved with a group of vampire teens, a murder mystery involving Bruce Dern and his vampire-killing electric chair, a dead girl played by Elle Fanning, and the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe—a plot that, honestly, already sounds plenty shuffled and remixed. [via /Film]


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