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As we first reported back in October, Francis Ford Coppola’s next film is Twixt Now And Sunrise, a “thriller with overtones of horror” that stars Val Kilmer as a horror novelist and about which little else is known—other than, according to a recent interview with Coppola, it’s “based on an alcohol-induced dream he had in Turkey” (something that hints at a possible explanation for Captain EO), and there may be at least one “brief dramatic segment” filmed in 3-D. Today there’s been at least one other revelation: Twixt Now And Sunrise will feature an original score by spastic electro-pop savant Dan Deacon, whose work for the “gothic romance” will presumably omit the Woody Woodpecker samples. Even more intriguingly, the press release promises that “Mr. Coppola and Mr. Deacon are collaborating on a larger level, details of which will be announced soon.” A limited-edition Wham City syrah?

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