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Frances Bean Cobain assumes legal control of her father's likeness from Courtney Love

A few weeks after Frances Bean Cobain called on Twitter to "ban my mother" Courtney Love after some unflattering statements Love made about her daughter and long-time nemesis Dave Grohl comes news that Frances Bean has taken over control of the rights to her father Kurt Cobain's name, likeness, and appearance. Apparently this has been the case for some time: Love agreed to step down as Acting Manager of the family's company, End Of Music LLC, in exchange for a $2.75 million loan from Frances Bean's trust fund in 2010. While Love still holds a 60 percent stake in the company (vs. Frances Bean's 40 percent), she will not profit from her late husband's likeness until the load is repaid. She also will have no say in how his likeness is used.

Frances Bean already has a restraining order against her mother, who lost custody of her daughter (and access to her inheritance) in 2009. Control of Kurt Cobain's music currently resides with Larry Mestel of entertainment company Primary Wave. [via The Fix]


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