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Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

As is so often the cast with Frank Ocean, shortly after teasing his first new album in years, he has started rapidly announcing or dropping new tracks with little to no notice. Ocean first talked about an album of club-inspired music back in September, and over the weekend—at his PrEP+ club night, appropriately enough—Ocean announced a pair of new singles called “Dear April” and “Cayendo” that can be preordered on his website (along with remixes from Justice and Sango) as proper 7" vinyl singles. If that’s not enough Frank Ocean for you, Rolling Stone is reporting that he also just premiered a third new song on his Blonded radio show called “DHL.” (If you suspected that there was a pun in the headline of this story, you were right!)

That’s the song up above, but Complex did a Da Vinci Code investigation into the meaning of the album art and has come away with the theory that “DHL” is but one song of a 13-song album that Ocean will theoretically release at some point. On the art up above, you can see a silhouette highlighted that matches the pose in the photo, implying that the other silhouettes will match up with other poses (or at least that they refer to other songs). We’re through the looking glass here, people.


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