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Illustration for article titled Foxs emJunior MasterChef/em to find newer, younger chefs to disappoint Gordon Ramsay

Forever looking to the next generation of young chefs that Gordon Ramsay can scream at, Fox has picked up the new series Junior MasterChef, a spinoff of the notion that a week is not complete without watching Gordon Ramsay be disgusted by something. Like its grown-up predecessor, the competition finds aspiring chefs between the ages of eight and 13 facing off in an attempt to impress Ramsay and fellow judges Graham Elliott and Joe Bastianich—as well as an attempt to suppress tears whenever Ramsay offers harsh words, or Bastianich makes a face like someone just served him a bowl of vomited ricotta, and the hard truths of adulthood come crashing in. “Having my own children who love to cook, I know firsthand the skill and passion these kids can have at such a young age, and what they can do with it. It's just extraordinary to watch them in action,” Ramsay said in a statement, suggesting his sense of fatherly empathy will help him explain in more gentle, loving tones why a Junior MasterChef’s dish looks like regurgitated dog shit.


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