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As you may have noticed in between feeling sorry for David Faustino, Fox's 25th anniversary celebration last spring came and went without what was meant to be its centerpiece: a revival of In Living Color that would bring the Keenen Ivory Wayans-hosted sketch show into the 21st century, where you can do what you want to do with the aid of cloud computing and nanotechnology. Its conspicuous absence in the spring was followed by an interview with Fox's Kevin Reilly in the summer, where he discussed how the revamped show and its new cast hadn't met the "high bar" set by the original, and therefore wouldn't be aired anytime soon. This seemed to leave a window of hope for retooling, or even just a burning-off of the specials that had already been taped, but now Vulture is reporting that, nope, Fox won't be showing the new In Living Color ever. To paraphrase, Fox don't play that, where "that" is anything to do with the new In Living Color, and the reference is to a character on a comedy whose time has truly come and gone. "Let me show you something—something besides In Living Color," to put it another way.


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