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Fox working on animated version of Mr. Men books

Roger Hargreaves’ children’s book series Mr. Men, about a race of multicolored amorphous blobs codified and imprisoned by society according their most obvious personality traits, will become a big-screen animated feature produced by Night At The Museum director Shawn Levy (otherwise known as Mr. Workmanlike). There’s no indication yet of what direction Fox plans to go with the project—such as whether it will be 2-D animated similar to Cartoon Network’s recent The Mr. Men Show, or the rotund, 3-D CGI that is so palatable to this generation’s sickly brood—but it’s safe to say that the book won’t include any characters from Hargreaves’ little-seen “dark” period like Little Miss Bipolar, Mr. Drinky, or Mr. Unnatural Thoughts About His Neighbor.

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