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Fox will turn the legal system into a reality show next month

(Image: Fox)

The days of Fox being a repository for gross or weird shows about alien autopsies, animals attacking people, or men lying about being millionaires seem like they’re in the past, but the network just can’t resist its gross or weird impulses for too long. According to Variety, Fox will debut a new American Idol-style competition show next month, but instead of having viewers vote on who was the best singer, they’ll vote on who is guilty or innocent in a real-life civil court case. Basically, we’re now just a few short leaps away from The Hunger Games.

The show is called You The Jury, and it will be hosted by Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro. The basic format is like your average court show, with two people arguing their side of a case with the help of high-profile attorneys like Jose Baez (who worked with Casey Anthony), Benjamin Crump (who fought on behalf of Trayvon Martin’s family), and Joseph Tacopina (who has apparently represented some famous people). In order to determine a verdict, viewers will vote for who they want to win on the Fox Now app, and the results of the poll will be “100 percent live and binding.”


Interestingly, NBC gave a series order to a show with the same basic premise and title back in 2015, but the Variety story doesn’t mention what happened to that project. Either way, if you’re really excited for our nation’s continued descent into a ridiculous parody of itself, you can watch the trailer for You The Jury below.

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