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Fox was worried Cameron Diaz's Counselor character sounded too much like Rihanna, might distract from car-fucking

Met with savage reviews and a dismal box-office haul, the Ridley Scott-directed, Cormac McCarthy-written The Counselor seems destined to become one of those strange cinematic anomalies where the forgettable whole is nowhere near the sum of its multitalented parts. Unless, of course, you mean the lady-parts of Cameron Diaz, whose scene where she fucks a Ferrari already seems destined to outlive the movie it belongs to, if not us all. And now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we know that this scene might have been slightly laughable were it not for the intervention of Fox executives, who forced Diaz to rerecord all of her dialogue, upset that she’d reportedly chosen to speak in “a full-on Rihanna-style accent” throughout the entire film. Diaz complied by softening it to a subtler, slightly Barbadian lilt, “much to her chagrin”—embarrassed that she’d made such a questionable decision, on the way to smearing her vagina all over Javier Bardem’s windshield. Fortunately, Fox stepped in, saving the movie from being totally ridiculous.

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