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Fox wants a ghost hunting drama

That's "ghost hunters"

Presumably to try to calm the restless spirit that keeps holding it down in the ratings, Fox has ordered a new ghost hunting drama from two of the executive producers of 24. Evan Katz and Manny Coto will head the untitled project about an Iraq war veteran who’s plunged into the world of the supernatural, after a mysterious and seemingly inexplicable attack leaves his wife in a coma. He teams up with a ragtag gang of ghost hunters based in a New York City firehouse who specialize in chronicling unexplained and frequently terrifying supernatural events. Led by a disgraced university professor fired for conducting inappropriate ESP experiments her research into unexplained phenomena, the group is hoping to keep the EPA off its back discover the truth behind the hauntings. Fox has purchased the series from Katz and Coto with a hefty penalty, meaning that if Fox fails to produce a pilot within a previously agreed-upon amount of time, no fee will be too big, as far as Katz and Coto are concerned.

[via Deadline]


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