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Fox TV executive floats the idea of a How I Met Your Mother reunion

(Photo: CBS)

How I Met Your Mother ended just a couple of years ago with a largely disliked finale, but today an executive tested the world’s tolerance for exhuming shows from the dead by suggesting that maybe it should be revived.

Answering a question about whether Bones, of all things, might ever come back during a press conference call this morning, Fox Television Group CEO Dana Walden took the opportunity to float the possibility of bringing Ted, Barney, and the gang back together. “We’ve been in business with so many of these creators for such a long time and these shows are so long running, and they’ve had the opportunity through streaming services to be introduced to an entirely new generation of viewers,” she said. “That does feel like an event, reuniting characters from a very long-running show. I would say How I Met Your Mother, one of the greatest shows ever in our library at the studio, at some point I would hope we would have the opportunity to reunite those characters and tell new story if [creators] Craig [Thomas] and Carter [Bays] had the desire to do that.”


HIMYM was ran on CBS, but was a production of 20th Century Fox Television Studios, meaning Walden does have some jurisdiction over it. Her comments didn’t indicate that there was any concrete plan in the works, just that it’s something Fox would be open to. Thomas and Bays have attempted to keep the brand afloat: They worked on a spin-off titled How I Met Your Dad that never made it off the ground. Back in December, a report emerged that two executive producers of This Is Us were taking another stab at the concept. However, the cast of HIMYM is pretty busy these days with Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders on Netflix, and Josh Radnor on NBC’s upcoming drama Rise. But should they ever want to have a reunion, the door is open.

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