Continuing the recent trend of transforming middling films into primetime series—sort of like the TV equivalent of using all the parts of a rotting buffalo—Fox is now developing a small-screen adaptation of The Beach, Alex Garland's 1996 novel that Danny Boyle previously turned into a 2000 film in which Leonardo DiCaprio took his shirt off a lot. That no one beyond DiCaprio's Titanic fanbase much cared for the film doesn't particularly matter, it seems. Fox has hired The Secret Circle writer Andrew Miller to draft a new, weekly series take on its premise of a group of disenfranchised young people forming their own remote island paradise and attempting to protect it from interlopers. It's like Lost, only instead of mythological monsters and strange conspiracy theories and lots of ponderous discussions about the importance of staying together, there's only one of those things. (Plus lots of drugs and video game hallucination sequences, though obviously those seem unlikely to make the transition.)