Minority Report

Using its amazing precognitive powers—and, y’know, the ratings for the episodes that have already aired—Fox has determined that people might not want to watch too much more of Minority Report, its freshman sci-fi drama. Hoping to prevent this travesty of TV-viewership judgment, the network has stepped in and altered the future by cutting the show’s initial order of 13 episodes back to 10.

The cutback won’t disrupt the show’s run this fall, since the three removed episodes were planned to air in the spring. But it does mean that the show’s fall finale—expected to air in November—could also end up serving as a series-ender for its stars. Those include Meagan Good, as a detective working to stop crimes before they happen with the help of Stark Sands, who’s playing a psychic—who, if he was really up to snuff, could probably tell the cast and crew of Minority Report not to base any big plans on the show being on the air next year.


[via Deadline]