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Fox to film Ed Brubaker graphic novel Incognito

Just in case you've always wanted to see a movie about grim, amoral, deconstructed superheroes—or at least one that didn't totally blow—20th Century Fox has obtained the film rights to the Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips graphic novel, Incognito, reports Variety. The writer/artist team earned plenty of well-deserved accolades for their first collaboration, the ongoing noir series Criminal (which, honestly, would be a more logical choice for a big-screen adaptation), but Incognito shines that same black light on the superhero genre, following the exploits of Zack Overkill, a masked crusader who enters the Witness Protection Program and is given drugs to dull his superpowers. The graphic novel—which, while not as complex as Watchmen, comes with an involved, alternate history and backstory—might be a tough one to film, but the source material is solid. It also bears noting that Brubaker's acclaimed run on Daredevil is currently being used by Fox as the basis for an upcoming reboot of that movie franchise.


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