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Fox to celebrate its birthday by re-airing the Married... With Children pilot

Fox continues to do every thing in its power to get you to come to its 25th birthday party, short of promising that Derek won’t be there. That guy sucks. Anyway, in addition to relaunching In Living Color, and bringing back many of its ’90s-era all-stars who did not appear on Parker Lewis or Beans Baxter, the network is also planning another flashback to its past by re-airing one of the half-hours that started it all: the original 1987 pilot to Married… With Children, which almost immediately branded Fox as the voice-of-its-generation challenger to the Big Three networks and/or the cesspool of television, depending on which of that year’s hyperbolic assessments you preferred. Married’s pilot will run April 22 at 7 p.m., alongside a repeat of the (far-less-special) Simpsons’ 500th episode and just before the cast’s reunion on 25th Anniversary Special, so that you may be confronted fully by the ravages of age. Perhaps if no one does anything dumb like post it on their Facebook page, Derek won’t even know about it.


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