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Fox to begin pandering to 2000s kids with Drake & Josh reunion on Grandfathered

Drake & Josh

Step aside, ‘90s kids. You’re officially as old and useless as the angsty Gen-Xers whose bones turned to flannel-covered dust many years ago. It’s the 2000s kids, with their polyamorous relationships, bleak job prospects, and obsession with watching other people play video games online that are the important ones now. All of the pandering with old Nickelodeon shows is over, and now it’s all about pandering with slightly less-old Nickelodeon shows.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Fox’s Grandfathered will soon host a Drake & Josh reunion, with Josh Peck once again appearing alongside his old Nick co-star Drake Bell. Peck plays John Stamos’ surprise son on Grandfathered, and Bell will play “a flashy tech investor” named Kirk. If this news and the phrase “Hug me, brotha!” mean anything to you, then you’re still young enough for advertisers to care what you think. Otherwise, you should tell the kids to get off your lawn and start researching retirement homes.

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