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Fox sends Pitch back to the dugout, ends show after one season


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has decided to cancel baseball drama Pitch after one season. The show was developed in partnership with Major League Baseball and featured actual team names and all that, and it centered around Genevieve Baker (played by Kylie Bunbury), an up-and-coming pitcher who becomes the first woman to play in the MLB. The series’ ratings started relatively strong when it premiered in September, but by the time the actual World Series rolled around, Fox decided to put its promotional focus on Lethal Weapon instead.

In a post on Facebook, co-star Dan Lauria offered a snarky take on the cancellation, pinning the blame on Fox’s “infinite, but not so wise wisdom.” He also said the show was a “great experience” and complimented the cast and writing staff. You can see his full statement below.


Meanwhile, showrunner Kevin Falls confirmed the news on Twitter:

This announcement comes just a few hours after Fox cancelled American Idol-style legal competition series You The Jury, but we imagine more people will be bummed about losing Pitch than that one.

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