Fox’s lineup of comedies where former 30 Rock stars are placed in isolated, terrible situations continues to grow, with Will Forte in Last Man On Earth now being joined by his doppelgänger-wife Jane Krakowski in Dead Boss. Adapted from the British comedy of the same name, the show stars Krakowski as the competent person who’s frustrated by the unreliability of others this time—specifically that of her sister, who’s the only one who can help Krakowski get out of prison, after she’s wrongly accused of murdering the boss of the title. In the meantime, she’s an overachiever trapped in a place where overachievers are generally regarded as annoying, as seen on Orange Is The New Black—a show this might resemble superficially, minus the lesbian scenes and constant threat of bodily harm. Now Fox just needs a show where Judah Friedlander is marooned in space.