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Fox has announced its midseason lineup, which includes a new season of ratings success Masterchef Junior (already!) and the glowering reappearance of torture-porn favorite The Following in January. March will feature the return of both Bones and Hell’s Kitchen. The network has also announced the premieres of several new shows, including the Rainn Wilson-fronted detective dramedy Backstrom, produced by Bones’ Hart Hanson, the Will Forte comedy The Last Man on Earth, produced and directed by The Lego Movie’s Chris Miller and Phil Lord, and an ensemble comedy starring Zachary Knighton of the late, lamented Happy Endings about weird loners called, appropriately enough, Weird Loners.


Finally, in an attempt to offset the outrageous successes of those plucky glee club kids from Lima, Fox will provide you with videos of people falling down and hurting themselves, but in the funny way. World’s Funniest Fails (a working title, along with Groin Punch, Not Tosh.O, and Hahaha He Fell Down), a new show based on the YouTube channel FailArmy, will provide the lead-in to the final run of 13 Glee episodes, which will air on Fridays beginning on January 9. World’s Funniest Fails will feature comedians analyzing people failing at stuff, most likely in epic fashion.

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