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Fox’s Frankenstein Code gets a new, non-Frankenstein name

Young Frankenstein

From the beginning, Fox’s Frankenstein Code has had issues with its name. For starters, the show is about a cop who gets killed in the line of duty and is then resurrected by some science nerds, and it was originally just titled Frankenstein, despite the fact that it’s connection to the actual Frankenstein story is basically nonexistent. The next time we heard about it, Fox had officially updated the name to The Frankenstein Code, which was a little better, but it still called to mind renowned symbology professors and ancient Vatican mysteries a bit too much.

Now, Fox has dropped the “Frankenstein” part entirely, and the show is simply titled Lookinglass. This was announced in a brief press release that said, simply, “The title of the upcoming action-drama The Frankenstein Code has changed to Lookinglass. Please update your records and use the new title moving forward.” Consider our records updated, Fox, although this new title makes us think of Alice In Wonderland almost as much as the old title made us think of flattop haircuts and neck bolts. Unless it’s actually about “looking at a lass” and not “looking-glass,” which is possible. Either way, now we’re just as confused about this as we were before. Thanks, Fox.


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