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There’s cause for celebration today if you enjoy live versions of musical performances you’ve already seen on a television show. Entertainment Weekly reports that Fox is considering mounting a stage production of its new hit show Empire that would tour America sometime soon. The show has been following a model very similar to what was done for Glee: Each week a new single from the series is released on iTunes, and there will be a soundtrack compilation released on March 10. And so, because apparently “What would Glee do?” is considered a smart question on which to base a TV show’s plans, Fox is thinking about doing a live stage show, akin to what Ryan Murphy’s high school camp-fest did after its first two seasons.


“We are thinking about what the future is of the brand,” says Fox CEO Dana Walden, well aware that the greatest artistic achievement in TV shows comes from thinking of them the same way one would think of Chef Boyardee. And so, in that same spirit of commerce, The A.V. Club would like to suggest some other cross-promotional ancillary opportunities:

  • World’s Funniest Fails presents cheap divorce attorneys: “For your hilariously failed marriage!”
  • Sleepy Hollow’s stage show, Convicted Criminals Guillotined—On Ice!
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine bail bonds
  • Starting an actual murderous cult based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe; 5 percent discount for those who have already killed someone prior to joining
  • Family Guy-brand cheap padding
  • Men’s Rights Activist meet-ups, brought to you by Backstrom

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