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Fox rests its case for You The Jury, cancels show after 2 episodes

You The Jury

Well, it looks like we don’t need to worry about Fox’s You The Jury plunging the country into a Hunger Games-esque dystopia where the justice system is controlled by the whims of TV viewers, because after only two “very low-rated” episodes, the show has been canceled. That comes from Deadline, which points out that the ratings were so low that the show skipped the last two weeks and nobody even noticed that it hasn’t been on. Its premiere/penultimate episode got 1.5 million viewers, with the number dipping to 1.2 million for its second episode/series finale, and both of them barely registered with the crucial 18-49 demographic.

Basically, the show was like Judge Judy crossed with American Idol, and people would present civil cases alongside some relatively famous attorneys before the viewing public would get a few minutes to vote on which side should win. As Deadline notes, the verdicts were not legally binding—because none of this is how the justice system works—but maybe the show would’ve taken off if they actually had been. As horrifying as it seemed initially, it would be kind of fun to see people voting on whether or not a person should be forced to pay for trashing their friend’s apartment or for lying about something they sold on the internet. Actually, no, that sounds pretty boring.


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