X-Men: First Class

Just yesterday, Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn predicted that movie studios are going to misunderstand the lesson they should learn from the success of Deadpool and just start making a bunch of “raunchy” superhero movies. As it turns out, Gunn is more right than even he probably would’ve expected, because Fox—the studio behind Deadpool—now wants its third Wolverine movie to be rated R. That’s the kind of quick turnaround that only a Hollywood executive could pull off.

That news comes from ComicBook.com, which got the information from a licensing pamphlet that 20th Century Fox handed out at the recent New York Toy Fair. The pamphlet included information on some of Fox’s upcoming movies, and in the section for Wolverine 3, it listed the “anticipated rating” as an R. That means this Wolverine movie—like Deadpool—will probably be significantly more violent than the other X-Men movies were, and Hugh Jackman will also get the chance to say as many f-words as he wants. “Fuck you, bub!” he’ll say as he gets into a fight with a bad guy. “Ow! You stabbed me with your fucking claws!” the bad guy will yell as he gets stabbed. Then Jackman will growl “I’m the fucking Wolverine” and he’ll slice off the guy’s head in a glorious fountain of blood and swearing. That’s what the kids want, apparently, so Fox might as well give it to them.


Wolverine 3 will be released on March 3, 2017, and it might be based on the Old Man Logan storyline from the comics—which really does demand an R-rating.