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Earlier this year, reports came out accusing Lethal Weapon star Clayne Crawford of having “a history of bad behavior” on the show’s set, leaving the future of one of Fox’s highest-rated shows in jeopardy. Today, though, the network announced that Lethal Weapon will be continuing on to a third season without Crawford, and American Pie’s Seann William Scott will be stepping in to replace him as the series’ lead. This will be Scott’s first regular TV role, and Deadline’s insiders expect him to play the brother of Crawford’s Riggs (opposite Damon Wayans’ Murtaugh).


The show’s recent season two finale ended with Crawford’s character getting shot in the chest as he discussed plans to move away and live a quiet life with his wife and son, so Lethal Weapon was already making some pretty heavy-handed foreshadowing about him leaving even before Fox made it official. Also, despite the behind-the-scenes issues, Crawford seems to be taking this development well, congratulating the cast and crew on getting a third season in a moody Instagram post:

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