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Fox renews Family Guy and Bob's Burgers, saving us from sending a petition to NBC

Image: Bob’s Burgers (Fox)

At this point, it’ll probably just be easier to go through every network and make a list of the shows that haven’t been canceled yet, and it looks like we can add two to Fox’s list. As reported by Variety, Fox has actually renewed both Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy, so we know it will have at least three shows now (counting these two and the revived Last Man Standing). This is good news, because Bob’s Burgers is one of the best shows on TV and we all would’ve had to put together another Brooklyn Nine-Nine-style social media freakout if Fox had canceled it, but now we can use the time we would’ve put into that for something more productive. The renewal will give Bob’s Burgers nine seasons, so if it follows the Simpsons model, it still has a few more years before it turns bad.

As for Family Guy, it’s also a show and it’s also sticking around. That’s better than more football, right?


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