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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Fox renews emBones/em, promising more Bones looking at bones

Having successfully survived both its recent, truncated season (due to Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy)—not to mention several years of being bounced around, until it had aired on every single weeknight save Friday—Bones has been rewarded for its backbone with a renewal, the first official order the network has made for the fall. (As its second reward, the show is also being moved again, back to Monday nights.) While also promising that the irreverent, occasionally downright wacky procedural will reach its “milestone 150th episode” next year, an eighth season means that fans will get to see even more of how Dr. Bones and Agent Bone deal with the imminent arrival of Baby Bones, which they made when they boned. This, of course, while looking at even more varieties of bones: Big bones, little bones, broken bones, charred bones—a multicolored rain-bone of bones, all leading to a pot of bones. Bones.


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