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Murtaugh has turned out to be not too old for this shit, because Fox has just renewed its Lethal Weapon adaptation for a second season. The reboot/series comes from Matt Miller and is obviously based off Shane Black’s film script. Damon Wayans stars as our new Murtaugh, while Clayne Crawford (whose name we’re always convinced we’ve misspelled) plays Riggs. Viewers apparently have found this to be an explosive combination, as Lethal Weapon ratings place it in the top five new series this season. Making a joke every bit as bad as our preceding one(s), Fox’s president of entertainment David Madden said via press release that “Lethal Weapon continues to fire on all cylinders.” (See?) Madden continued:

Every week, it delivers a big, fun rollercoaster ride, but also remains touchingly human and genuinely emotional, and that’s due to the chemistry that’s developed not only between Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford, but the entire cast. We want to thank our producing partners, Warner Bros., as well as Matt Miller, McG, Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz, who have done a fantastic job in crafting a series for which a second-season order is well deserved.


You can catch up with Lethal Weapon on Fox Now or Hulu, or, if you still have cable or satellite TV, you can watch tonight’s all-new episode at 9 p.m. ET.

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