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Fox releases the first minute of its X-Files revival

The X-Files

Fox hasn’t been shy about teasing its upcoming X-Files revival, what with those little trailers and that 21-minute featurette. But with the miniseries premiering later this month, the network has now decided to simply start showing everybody some X-Files. On a website called DoYouStillBelieve.com, Fox has released the first full minute of the first new X-Files episode, and you can watch it over and over again until you’ve convinced yourself that aliens have abducted your sister.

The minute is surprisingly spoiler-free, unless you haven’t seen the old series and also have absolutely no idea what it’s about, because it all centers around David Duchovny giving a (very) abridged synopsis of the original show’s story via voiceover. It’s technically all new footage, but the new footage consists entirely of photographs of characters and events from old X-Files episodes, so it doesn’t really feel that new. Still, it’s the first minute of the first new X-Files episode in very many years. This isn’t the time to get picky.


X-Files premieres on Fox on Sunday, January 24, and will air on Mondays after that.

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