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Fox releases first images from Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode

In news that will surely be of some interest to A.V. Club readers—if only for the positive discussion it will spark about how good both shows currently are—Fox has released the first images from this fall’s previously reported Family Guy episode, in which the guy and his family meet the Simpsons. Said episode will be about the Griffins visiting Springfield after needing to leave Quahog for some presumably wacky reason, whereupon each Griffin will befriend their corresponding member of the Simpson family. Peter will drink beer with Homer. Lisa will help Meg with her self-esteem. Bart will teach Stewie how to skateboard. And last but not least, Marge and Lois will “ditch housework.” Maybe even Brian and Santa’s Little Helper will do something funny. Hey, isn’t it weird how directly they all match up?

All of the Simpsons family voice actors are currently signed on to appear in the episode (other than Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie, for obvious reasons), but without guys like Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer on board, the odds of other Springfield residents popping up aren’t very good. Also, since the Simpsons family appears to be very much alive in this episode, the canonicity of that time Quagmire murdered them all is now in question. Perhaps that will be covered in some of Family Guy’s Expanded Universe adventures?


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