Not to be outdone by Warner Bros.’ upcoming thriller about a spy whose secret weapon is his sick DJ skills, Fox has begun developing its own film based around electronic dance music and their belief that kids are dumb. The as-yet-untitled pitch will have all the dubsteps, dropping beats, and warehouse ravings that today’s young people eat up like so many hamburger sandwiches, and will prominently feature one of that scene’s biggest stars, Diplo, who makes music by bravely harnessing the power of electricity. Diplo will star as himself, twiddling knobs and knobbing twiddles as he throws one of his popular electronic music festivals. Meanwhile, the three teenaged protagonists of the film will “try to get into” his fest, which is apparently a story slightly more cinematic than their purchasing a ticket and dutifully presenting it at the gate to the fairgrounds. Indeed, their story is described by Deadline as “8 Mile meets Project X”—an inspirational tale of triumphing over one’s many disadvantages to get to a dance party. Or, the revelation that EDM is actually made by monkeys.