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Fox puts Will Arnett and Keri Russell back on TV

…but it’s Fox, so that mostly means they’re back on TV for the time beingDeadline reports that Will Arnett and Keri Russell will headline a new series on Fox called Running Wilde (previously known as Wilde Kingdom) about a wealthy Beverly Hills douchebag (Arnett, obviously) who falls for a do-gooder (Russell). Naturally we assume that said do-gooder will not immediately return the love of said douchebag, thus drawing out their "will they or won't they?" relationship in a suspenseful multi-season arc, hopefully supplemented by various comical hijinks and subplots. This is the third go-'round with Fox for the writing team of Mitch Hurwitz and Will Arnett, who previously worked on some little-loved show called Arrested Development, as well as Sit Down, Shut Up. The pilot also reunites them with Arrested Development co-executive producer Jim Vallely.


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