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Fox plays its Magic: The Gathering movie card

Illustration for article titled Fox plays its emMagic: The Gathering/em movie card

The decades-long argument of which fantasy roleplaying game is superior is poised to be decided on the big screen, where the cinema can at last capture the epic sweep of people spouting statistics at each other. Those previously announced movie versions of World Of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons have now been joined in their quest to find the next Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings by Magic: The Gathering, which Fox hopes to turn into a film franchise with the help of X-Men writer Simon Kinberg. First released in 1993, Magic: The Gathering has long captured the imagination and lunchtimes of fans who thrill to its wondrous world of wizards and spells, which helps them escape the oppressive, earthbound reality of their parents yelling at them for spending so much money on those goddamn magician cards. Now it’ll be turned into a movie that brings that experience to life—possibly by costing you upwards of $100 if you want it to last more than 10 minutes. Also, there probably won’t be many girls there.


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