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Fox planning movie trilogy about wedding planning website, TV show from person on Twitter

Realizing that there is no end to places where movies and TV shows can find their inspiration—be they action figures or board games, self-help manuals or reference books, GIF-laden Tumblrs, calculated viral stunts, or funny cat pictures, and even sometimes original stories—Fox has begun developing a movie trilogy based on a series of wedding planning websites, as well as a TV show based on a Twitter feed. In the first news of creativity finding its spark, conveniently just before someone had to go into a meeting, Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox has acquired the film rights that were apparently available for The Knot, The Bump, and The Nest, three interrelated websites that take couples through all the stages of planning for weddings, pregnancy, and homemaking. Gossip Girl writer Natalie Krinsky has been hired to draft the script that—much like people who need to be told not to kickbox during pregnancy—needs the assist of the websites’ built-in brand recognition to tell the story of a young couple and/or several couples of varying ages and degrees of celebrity getting married and having babies, otherwise it could similarly possibly end in death.

Meanwhile, Fox’s TV arm has picked up a new series from “Twitter writer” Kelly Oxford, who—before embarking on her career of Twitter-writing—worked in a retirement home, where the misadventures of her (presumably, surprisingly spry) seniors will form the basis of a new sitcom. Oxford previously sold CBS and NBC sitcoms based on her many blogged and Twitter-written observations regarding parenting, but while those never took off, the studios remain devoted to finding a way to translate viral fame into successful TV and movies, because their employees also spend most of their day dicking around on the Internet.


Meanwhile meanwhile, it’s been years now, and still no InstantRimshot TV show.

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