The Office

Apparently, Fox is determined to make writing/producing team Alec Sulkin and Julius Sharpe the next big thing. The two of them both worked with Seth MacFarlane on Family Guy, and Sulkin not only co-wrote the Ted movies, but he was also a co-creator of the hit Fox show Dads. Last year, Sulkin and Sharpe sold Fox a sitcom pilot pitch called All Together Now, which focused on a group of friends who all agree to give up their mobile devices and “engage each other for as long as they can stand it.” Obviously that’s outrageous—because cellphones are the best—but we already made jokes about All Together Now last August, so let’s move on.

Now, according to Deadline, Fox has just picked up another soon-to-be-classic Sulkin and Sharpe joint. This one is called Where Are They Now?, and it’s a workplace comedy about an “internet company.” Apparently, though, the actual comedy in the workplace is set in the past, as the series is actually about police investigating the mysterious disappearance of everyone in said comedic workplace. We’re not sure if that means it’s a story-within-a-story thing (where the episodes are bookended with serious police scenes), or if that story is just a gimmick that rarely comes up like The Office’s documentary film crew. Either way, we look forward to Fox promoting the crap out of this when it actually gets made.