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Back in August, The A.V. Club’s Precogs had a series of vague, blurry visions that all culminated in a startling prediction: Steven Spielberg was going to try and make his hit 2002 film Minority Report into a TV show. Unfortunately for us, though, it’s now too late to listen to their warning. According to Deadline, Fox has picked up the rights to the Minority Report series, and it has already given it a pilot commitment—just like the Precogs said it would. Run, Tom Cruise! Go find your wife or whatever! Don’t let them catch you!


Actually, Deadline says the series will be a sequel to the movie, so it’s going to take place about 10 years after Tom Cruise found his wife or whatever and they exposed the inherent fucked-up-ness of imprisoning people for crimes they didn’t commit yet. The plot will reportedly be based around one of the movie’s Precogs—the boy one—as he struggles to live a life outside of his cozy bathtub. Eventually, he meets a detective who is “haunted by her past,” and together they try to “find a purpose to his gift.” In other words, this is going to be a sci-fi police procedural about a cop and someone who has special powers, which is exactly the sort of high-concept show Fox loves to promote the crap out of and then cancel after one season. We asked our Precogs about the Minority Report TV show’s chances, and they responded with a non-committal “cautiously optimistic.” Oh wait, no. That was The Official A.V. Club Magic 8-Ball. We’ll try asking again later.

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