According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has given series commitments to lawyer comedy The Grinder and medical drama Rosewood. That means they’ll both probably go to series, but Fox still has the ability to back out if it absolutely wants to. On top of that, the network has ordered two additional comedies, Grandfathered and The Guide To Surviving Life, one of which stars John Stamos. That’s two famously handsome men, and all you have to do to see them is watch Fox!

The Grinder, as we’ve talked about before, will star Rob Lowe as whatever a “TV lawyer” is, with Fred Savage making his triumphant return to acting on network television as his brother, a normal lawyer who is not a TV. Or something like that. The point is that it’ll star Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, Bad Teacher’s Jake Kasdan is directing the pilot, and The Muppets’ Nicholas Stoller is executive producing it. What else do you need?


Well, if what you need is yet another medical drama, Fox has that covered as well. Rosewood is described as “a medical drama,” and it stars Morris Chestnut as “the brilliant Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr., the top private pathologist in all of Miami.” With his high tech whatevers, he “finds the secrets in bodies that others usually miss.” Rosewood also has “eternal optimism,” which annoys the “cynical female detective he often works with.” That’s right, America. It’s a medical show and a detective show. “You’re welcome,” says Fox.

Grandfathered, the other comedy about a famously handsome man, stars Stamos as “a version of himself” who is a “longtime bachelor.” However, because this is TV, his life gets wacky once he discovers that he’s a father and a grandfather. Boom. Paget Brewster co-stars as a “former rocker chick” who is the mother Stamos’ kid. The Neighbors’ Dan Fogelman and The Office’s Danny Chun are producing, which should help Grandfathered become the huge hit it seems destined to be. People love Stamos!


Now, the only way Fox can top all of this is with another show that stars a famously handsome man or combines two beloved genres. Unfortunately, The Guide To Surviving Life is not that. Instead, it’s a comedy about “the misadventures people have after college but before they settle down.” You know, like moving back in with their parents and being unable to find a job because they majored in something stupid like “creative writing.” THR says it “tested through the roof,” though, so maybe it’ll end up blowing away all of these other shows.