Like this, but dirtier and with twice as many people.

Underworld co-creator Len Wiseman has a couple of surprisingly successful TV shows under his belt now—one of them a much-loved genre thing—and that means it’s time to take his career to the next level by selling a Western-inspired sci-fi show to Fox. That’s what Joss Whedon did, and it worked out fine for him, right? This comes from Deadline, which says Wiseman is working with Gang Related showrunner Scott Rosenbuam on a project that they’re describing as “The Dirty Dozen in deep space.”

Apparently, it will take place in “a foreseeable future, where companies have begun to colonize sections of our known galaxy,” and it will focus on a team of mercenaries who are hired to investigate a mysterious distress signal on an equally mysterious planet. The Deadline write-up also uses the phrase “unlikely group of heroes,” just in case it didn’t seem enough like Firefly already. The show already has a pilot commitment from Fox, and we’re not sure if Wiseman and Rosenbaum are taking unsolicited pitches, but we think it would be cool if there were an episode or two featuring a pre-Mad Men Christina Hendricks, and then maybe one where people sing a song about how much they love the show’s cranky loner character. After that, the guy who plays the cranky loner character can go on to become a guy who says stuff like this in real life.