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Fox picks up a Luther remake, two more dramas and a comedy

Fox has started stocking new shows for its fall season, ordering three new dramas—including that Luther adaptation—in addition to a comedy from The Mindy Project writer Charlie Grandy.

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Fox put a cast-contingent pilot order in for the American remake of Luther, meaning the network just has to find someone as handsome and debonair as Idris Elba, who will serve as executive producer. “Good luck with that,” said America. The remake will be written by Luther creator Neil Cross, so that’s good news.


The network is also preparing a new-fangled take on Frankenstein, working from Crisis creator Rand Ravich’s script about a retired cop who returns from the dead and tries to rehabilitate his corrupt ways. That means no longer accepting bribes, as it turns out you really can’t take it with you.

Rosewood is the third drama, which is described as a “close-ended investigative series” about a Miami pathologist who’s the best as what he does, but is optimistic to a fault. His optimism rankles a cynical female detective he frequently works with, and will probably will-they-or-won’t-they with for three seasons. Rosewood has Psych writer Todd Harthan attached to write.

Fox’s comedy pick-up is Grandy’s 48 Hours ‘Til Monday, a single-camera comedy about a husband who tries to make the most of every weekend. That means not binging on episodes of that Luther remake starring that dude who isn’t as handsome as Idris Elba.

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