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Pacific Rim

Idris Elba might not get to play James Bond any time soon, but apparently he’s trying to move past that by staying busy with other projects. His latest gig is executive producing an hourlong drama called The Crusaders alongside super-producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. That comes from The Wrap, which says the script from The Crusaders—which was written by Legacy director Thomas Ikimi—just got bought by Fox. The plot reportedly revolves around an “extended family of second-generation Africans living in the U.S.” who are all involved in a mission to find and recover valuable African artifacts stolen back in the imperialism/colonialism days. There’s no word on if Elba would appear in the show at all, but if it’s still just at the script stage that means it’s a little early for stuff like that. Plus, Elba can’t be starring in a bunch of TV shows when he’s got to keep his schedule open to maybe play James Bond someday in the future.


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