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Fox orders mysterious new mutant-based TV series from Marvel

X-Men: Apocalypse

Realizing that there just aren’t enough comic book-based shows on TV right now, Fox has announced that it’s giving a put pilot commitment to a new series apparently based on Marvel Comics’ X-Men. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Burn Notice creator Matt Nix will serve as an executive producer and writer for the pilot, which will center on parents forced to go on the run after their children reveal mysterious mutant powers. Frequent X-Men movie director Bryan Singer will produce, along with a number of executives who’ve worked on Fox’s long-running film franchise.

The new, still-untitled show will actually be the second X-Men-related TV project the company has deployed in recent months; FX picked up Fargo creator Noah Hawley’s Legion, based on a minor mutant character from the comics, back in May. Fox also carries the D.C. Comics’ Baby Batman show, Gotham, meaning it’s the only major network with the capacity for some full-on, canon-bending crossovers, provided nobody on the new Marvel show minds that the D.C. property they’d be crossing over with was Gotham.


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