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Fox orders more episodes of Bob's Burgers

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After the debut of Allen Gregory handily demonstrated the difficulty of finding welcome additions to its Animation Domination lineup, Fox has announced via press release that it's ordered nine more episodes of Bob’s Burgers, perhaps realizing with this new perspective just how much it appreciated that show. Bob's second season was originally supposed to debut mid-year with 13 new episodes; it will now have 22. Of course, there’s always the possibility that Allen Gregory or the forthcoming cartoon version of Napoleon Dynamite will become such huge hits that they’ll force Bob’s Burgers to delay airing some of those episodes until next season, but there’s also the possibility that your television will develop a taste for human flesh and eat your entire family. In the latter instance, Bob’s Burgers may be delayed indefinitely—not that you’ll notice, because you’ll be dead, gnashed into pieces and slowly making your way through your television’s digestive tract.


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