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Fox orders Ghosted pilot from Adam Scott and Craig Robinson

(Photo: Getty Images, Tibrina Hobson)

According to Variety, Fox has given a pilot order to Ghosted, a paranormal comedy series starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott. If this news seems familiar, it could be because Fox already gave the project a pilot order back in August, but it seems like that was more of a “we’ll think about it” order while this is what Variety calls a “formal pilot order.”

Ghosted is sort of a comedic spin on The X-Files, with Robinson and Scott playing two investigators trying to solve supernatural mysteries in Los Angeles. Robinson will by the skeptical Scully of the team, with Scott playing the quick-to-believe Mulder-equivalent. Workaholics and Scrubs veteran Kevin Etten will act as showrunner if Ghosted gets a series order (and then a second “formal series order” a few months later).


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