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Fox orders foul-mouthed comedy from It’s Always Sunny producers

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has just given a pilot order to a new single-camera comedy that will tackle a growing problem in today’s society: kids who are shitty. The project is titled The Mick, and it comes from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia producers John and Dave Chernin. The plot revolves around a “hard-living, foul-mouthed woman” who moves to Connecticut to “raise the spoiled kids of her wealthy sister who has fled the country to avoid a federal indictment,” and the foul-mouthed woman quickly learns that “other people’s children are awful.” In defense of these kids, though, it sounds like their mom is also pretty awful.

That’s pretty much all we know about The Mick, so even the significance of its title is still a mystery. Maybe the foul-mouthed woman gets advice from the ghost of Mickey Mantle? If that’s the case, though, then Fox is totally burying the lede here. A show about a foul-mouthed woman who gets advice from an undead Mickey Mantle about how to raise her sister’s shitty kids sounds pretty incredible.


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