While the addition of Jon Hamm as a talking toilet is all a show—or a man—ever needs, Bob's Burgers got the other, non-toilet-related good news that Fox has ordered six more scripts—a sign of good faith that it hopes to keep the series around longer than the 13 episodes it already commissioned for season three. And as Deadline notes, Bob's still has another 13 leftover episodes from its second season that will begin airing September 30, so it's looking increasingly likely to stick around Sunday nights for a while, despite not having anything to do with Seth MacFarlane. (It is, in fact, a marked contrast to The Cleveland Show, which still hasn't been officially picked up for a fifth season.)

What Bob's does have going for it is a recent Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program, plus an impressive roster of upcoming guest stars that includes Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally as a couple of married pot farmers; Zach Galifianakis as a department store window dresser in love with a mannequin; Jeffrey Tambor as a crazy cruise ship captain; and returning players Aziz Ansari, Kevin Kline, Bill Hader, and Sarah and Laura Silverman. Also, that previously reported Archer crossover. Also, Hamm-toilet.