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Fox orders drug-dealing dad pilot from Shameless producers

As part of a long tradition of Hollywood not being able to shut up about itself, Fox has ordered a new pilot called Studio City from Shameless executive producers Krista Vernoff and John Wells. Deadline describes the hour-long “family dramedy” as “The O.C. meets Shameless,” which portends a lot of beaches and maladjustment.

The pilot focuses on a young female singer who moves in with her songwriter father and discovers that he’s a drug dealer for the rich and famous. The premise is inspired by Vernoff’s real-life experience growing up with a father who sold drugs to celebrities. Maybe that’s not something you would talk about in the Midwest, but this is Hollywood, baby—let’s grab a coconut kale smoothie and write those problems down!


In related news, Fox also has ordered to pilot that unnamed comedy starring John Stamos. The show will star Stamos as “a version of himself: a charismatic longtime bachelor” who discovers that he’s both a father and a grandfather. There’s been no word yet on whether said bachelor is an actor who used to star in a major family sitcom, but here’s hoping Stamos at least gets to say “have mercy” a few times.

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