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Fox News pulls commentator blamed for inventing Trump’s wiretap lies

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As horrifying as it may be, there’s really no getting around the fact that Donald Trump—a man with access to more intelligence data than anyone else on the planet—gets all of his information from Fox News. It lets him avoid hearing about all of the “fake news” he doesn’t like, but it also tends to get him in trouble when the network reports on news that is actually fake. In February, he denounced a terrorist attack in Sweden that never happened because he was confused by a Fox News story, and now Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano has been pulled from the air after Trump publicly blamed him for coming up with the “Obama and British officials wiretapped Trump Tower” story that FBI Director James Comey recently debunked.

This comes from The Washington Post, which cites a Los Angeles Times story and Associated Press report that both say Napolitano—a former judge who is now a legal analyst—hasn’t been booked on any Fox News shows since last week and “will not be a guest in the near future.” This comes after Napolitano repeatedly claimed on air that he had spoken to multiple sources who told him that Obama “went outside the chain of command” so he could spy on Trump, an utterly ridiculous idea that both Trump and White House press secretary Sean Spicer gleefully repeated.


Now that Comey has declared that there wasn’t actually any wiretapping going on, though, Trump has distanced himself from the accusation by saying that he didn’t “make an opinion on it” and that anyone curious about it “should be talking to Fox” and not him. Of course, the fact that the original wiretapping claim came directly from Trump’s wispy-haired noggin is irrelevant, as he wouldn’t admit to getting something wrong if his life depended on it—especially when he has this Fox News commentator as an easy fall guy.

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