(Image: Fox News/RawStory)

Just days after we reported that Fox News and Bill O’Reilly had paid a total of $13 million settling harassment suits that have been filed against the evidently irreplaceable O’Reilly Factor host, a new RawStory piece suggests that sexual harassment isn’t so much a Bill O’Reilly problem as it is a key part of Fox News’ corporate structure. That’s because Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky has just filed her own lawsuit against the network claiming that she was offered a “deserved promotion” but only if she’d have sex with former president Roger Ailes.

Roginsky refused, which then supposedly prompted Fox News executive Bill Shine to join in on Ailes’ harassment by “refusing to give [Roginsky] the promised permanent hosting position” on The Five. Furthermore, Roginsky alleges she was also punished for refusing to “publicly disparage Gretchen Carlson” when the latter filed her own sexual harassment claims against Ailes last year.


RawStory doesn’t have any other details on this new lawsuit, but hopefully O’Reilly hasn’t already burned through too much of Fox News’ sexual harassment settlement fund.