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Fox News Hires Sarah Palin As Commentator Because Of Course They Do

In a move that can't honestly be said to surprise anyone, Sarah Palin has signed on with Fox News to appear regularly as a commentator. According to The New York Times, Palin's multi-year deal does not include a show of her own. For Fox News, which has been criticized by some… well, many… well, basically just everybody, as a heavily biased mouthpiece for the conservative right, this is the next obvious step. The network is sure to draw a lot of new viewers with Palin's outspoken, down-home, hockey mom persona.

But before you criticize Palin for her lack of experience, bear in mind that she worked as a sportscaster for Anchorage's KTUU in the late '80s. Below, an excerpt from her report on the Iditarod:

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