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Fox News cuts Stacey Dash loose

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Just two years after signing her, Fox News has parted ways with Stacey Dash. The Clueless actress turned cultural commentator, who also tried her hand at stand-up comedy at last year’s Oscars, joined Fox News after letting her conservative flag fly during the 2012 presidential election. Between her Mitt Romney endorsement and increasingly tenuous ties to pop culture, Dash was deemed a great fit for the Fox News team. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, her intermittent services as a pundit are no longer required.

Dash hasn’t actually been on screen since last fall, which is when a rep tells THR the decision was made to let her contract lapse. The network didn’t elaborate on why Dash wouldn’t return, but her departure probably won’t deal the same kind of blow as Megyn Kelly’s defection. However, Dash did make the ignoble most of her brief broadcast career. She used her platform to support so-called bathroom laws, go off on an obscene tirade against then-President Barack Obama—which, incidentally, got her suspended—and use the Pulse nightclub shooting as a jumping-off point to endorse Donald Trump’s candidacy.

By the way, someone might want to tweet this news to Dash, who doesn’t seem to have a clue that she’s no longer employed by the conservative network—she still has “Fox News contributor” in her profile. That’s probably because, like her favorite president, she’s too busy posting about Saturday Night Live.

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